DJI Osmo Pocket Filters - Standard Day - 4 Pack

  • Razor Sharp optical glass used to ensure optimal quality aerial images
  • 16 Layers multicoated optical glass lens filters ensure crystal clarity in captured footage
  • Freewell Gear Standard Day Filter Kit includes – ND4, ND8, ND16, and CPL filters
  • Simple SNAP-ON system for easier attaching/detaching
  • Designed for use with – DJI Osmo Pocket & Pocket 2
  • Lifetime warranty


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    Product Description


    The DJI Osmo Pocket Standard Day Filter Kit from Freewell Gear is an excellent way to capture cinema-quality footage. The filters in this kit are designed to help you get the best quality footage from your videography sessions, in normal daylight conditions. Professional cinematographers will find the Freewell Gear DJI Osmo Pocket Standard Day Filter Kit to be a necessary addition to their list of basic photography equipment.

    The Standard Day Filter Kit for DJI Osmo Pocket contains the four essential filters (ND4, ND8, ND16 and PL filters) which are designed to help you capture crystal-clear aerial images in sunny to cloudy daytime conditions outdoor.

    The three ND (Neutral Density) filters in this kit are designed to slow down the camera shutter speed successively, by 2 f-stops. This restricts the amount of light hitting the camera sensor. This is very important to capture the much sought-after ‘blur’ motion which is typical of cinematic footages.

    The CPL (Circular Polarized Lens) filter from Freewell Gear is designed to eliminate the unwanted glare from natural reflective surfaces commonly seen outdoors, such as glass window panes, snow and water bodies. Together, these filters help to capture the clearest and sharpest image, with a natural blurry motion to moving objects in your footage.

    The Freewell Gear DJI Osmo Pocket Standard Day Filter Kit is truly an essential part of a professional aerial photographer’s accessories collection.


    • Osmo Pocket ND4 filter– The ND4 filter for DJI Osmo Pocket from Freewell Gear helps to slow down the shutter speed by 2 f-stops. This is excellent for capturing crystal-clear photographs when the weather is overcast or fairly cloudy, with lower daylight.
    • Osmo Pocket ND8 filter – The Freewell Gear ND8 filter for DJI Osmo Pocket is designed to reduce the amount of light hitting the camera sensor, which slows down the camera’s shutter speed by 3 f-stops. This is extremely helpful in capturing realistic and sharp images, especially in cloudy daylight conditions.
    • Osmo Pocket ND16 filter – The DJI Osmo Pocket ND16 filter from Freewell Gear decreases the amount of light entering the camera lens by 4 f-stops. This is helpful in balancing the image perfectly and capturing sharp footage in normal daylight conditions. Apart from slowing down your shutter speed, the ND filters are also effective in avoiding the unwanted ‘jell-o’ effect which is often seen in footages captured without ND filters.
    • Osmo Pocket CPL (Circular Polarizer Lens) filter – The CPL filter from Freewell Gear for DJI Osmo Pocket is excellent in preventing the unwanted glare from reflective surfaces, such as water bodies, snow or even glass windows when flying outdoors.

    The Freewell Gear DJI Osmo Pocket Standard Day Filter Kit is designed to improve your videos, as well as widen your photography prospects.